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Our History

Learn more about our past, and how VIVA Bronco has changed and evolved over its time.

The Beginning

Viva Broncos was established in 1969 by Kurt Strecker, an innovator and Baja racer. Along with racing early Ford Broncos, Kurt also manufactured and sold many accessories as well as building his signature series Viva Broncos.

first baja racer .jpg

Early Years

“As a young San Diego kid, I was immersed into the speed culture but I was too young and poor to build anything. The Army gave me the first experience into the world of off - roading. Back in the 60’s… and as a young kid I was too stupid for words and felt indestructible. I jumped the trench line into the battlefields in a Honda Dream vehicle we took off the enemy. It was Vietnam 1967-1968. By the time I returned to the states - I had aged and the world of racing had evolved. No more 'Hair and Hound' desert racing, NORRA was now king. Ed Pearlman's, Baja 1000 was the new off road Indy 500. It called, no it screamed at me to come compete and so I did.”

Learn More

If you'd like to learn more about our history, you can click on the PDF file to download an article that will give you the full history of Viva Broncos!

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